Proudly servicing Townsville and surrounds 


Below are our prices as of 20th January 2017 #

#Prices are subject to change


Disc Jockey Hire


Wedding Reception (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from:    




 Out of Town Parties 

Magnetic Island from:   

Ingham/Ayr/Homehill from:   

Bowen from:   





Parties (Birthdays, Engagements, Reunions etc.) from:    




     School Disco from:   






*We reserve the right to change prices depending on conditions



     For insurance reasons, we cannot provide Entertainment at the following Venues:  Townsville Golf Club and Willows Golf Club. Is your venue one of these? If so, we cannot provide you with a booking.

1.     Deposit of $100 is to be made at signing of booking contract, with the remainder of the fee, being paid One Week before the event.

2.     The signing of the booking contract constitutes an order for Mobile Disco Hire.

3.     As most venues close at 12am, the price quoted is until 12 midnight unless agreed otherwise. If you wish to ‘party on’ a fee of $80 per hour cash, will be charged, and is to be paid to the DJ before they continue.

4.     DJ equipment must be set up undercover and on a flat surface.

5.     @mosphere Mobile Disco Entertainment shall not be liable for any damage or inconvenience caused by noise pollution or drunken behaviour by patrons.

6.     If hiring a bubble/fog machine through @mosphere Mobile Disco Entertainment, please note they are only used for effect and not to entertain children because if they are used copiously, they may cause problems with photographers or make the dance floor slippery

7.     It is the clients responsibility to notify @mosphere Mobile Disco Entertainment of any changes to the event and to check and confirm these details at least two weeks before the event.

8.     It would be great to supply the DJ with a meal, please advise if this is not possible.

9.     Upon Signature, @mosphere Mobile Disco Entertainment reserves the time and date agreed upon for the event and will not make any other reservations for that time and date, for this reason all deposits are non-refundable, if time and date is changed or cancelled for any reason.








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